Japanese File Sharing System Creator Arrested For Copyright Violation For all the complaints we have about bad laws in the US, at least (so far) we've been able to keep from declaring file sharing software (on its own) illegal. That's not the case in Japan, where the creator of a supposedly anonymous file sharing system has been arrested for "abetting the violation of the Copyright Law." Apparently, the fact that such software has plenty of legitimate uses as well doesn't matter. Shouldn't they also be arresting the creators of just about any other technology that can be used to break the law? In this case, they say it made sense because they have evidence that two people used his file sharing program to download illegal files. I think there's plenty of evidence that computers have been used in crimes. They should be arresting everyone who created computers. Plus the internet is full of criminals these days - so the folks who started the internet clearly to be thrown in jail. Just think how many crimes have been committed by people in cars! A pen can be used for both forgeries and to stab someone. Someone ought to be locked up for that. The list is endless. Clearly, no technology at all should be created and anyone who created any technology deserves to be in jail. [via Techdirt]

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