Hansard & Cyberspace

I've just read Hansard for 18th May and I'm flattered to receive a mention in MP (Cons)and Shadow Childrens' Minister, Tim Loughton's speech in a debate on the Internet.

"What can we do? I pay tribute to John Carr from the Home Office internet taskforce, Simon Moores from the e-Government monitor, and Zentelligence; all those have done a lot of work with parliamentarians. I also pay tribute to the Internet Watch Foundation and the Government, including the Home Secretary's internet taskforce on child protection. Many good things are happening, but trying to attack the heart of the problem is unrealistic at this stage—we need to hack off the tentacles. We cannot go down the line of full censorship, as they have tried in Saudi Arabia or China, where everything is filtered through a central server. We would not want to introduce that level of censorship, and satellite dishes would get round it anyway".

I notice that my old friend, Richard Allen MP (Liberal Democrat) also refers to another friend, Lawrence Lessig's famous book, 'Code & Other Laws of Cyberspace', which should be mandatory reading for all Parliamentarians in the 21st century.


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