The Eagle Has Landed

Saturday saw us banner-towing all the way to the northern tip of Norfolk to Burnham, beyond Little Walsingham, the final display of the day being a ‘Happy Birthday’ message over a party in one of the villages.

Since Bob and his aircraft appeared on the television programme, ‘William and Mary’, he’s been swamped with calls and this one counted as a longer distance trip from our base in Kent, positioning at Beccles first, to do a tow around the caravan sites between Lowestoft and Fakenham along the coast.

I was sure I had seen the area around Walsingham before, quite stunning coastal scenery, dominated by a huge stately home. Then it occurred to me that it must have been during the filming of the Jack Higgins Book, ‘The Eagle has Landed’ starring Michael Caine. I’m sure that the final scene, where Caine as the German paratrooper colonel, attempts to assassinate Winston Churchill was filmed on the balcony of the house I could see below me.

Believe me, Burnham farm strip, near Kings Lynn took some finding. The only give away was the windsock in the field, with a strong down slope, shielded by trees on the eastern side. A stunning location none the less, a few miles away from the sand dunes, that’s if you can find it.

At Beccles, Rain Air, they have Britain’s first and fastest jet-propelled shopping trolley. A little thirsty on the gas, it only has ten seconds of fuel available but I’m not volunteering. A very hospitable airfield and thanks for the coffee folks.

Today, with a bad head cold I’ve passed on an invitation to go shooting at the Lydd Ranges, I’m planning to pop-in to Challock instead to find out what it takes to get a glider rating. With fuel costs rising as fast as they are, it may soon be the only thing I can afford to fly.


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