The Dream Gadgets of 2014 They're as small as your cell phone, more powerful than your desktop and packed with 10 years of future tech. Five design giants build the supergadgets of the future, from Wired magazine.

Milestones in communication, space exploration, entertainment, transportation, and medicine.

2006: Samsung releases a smartphone as thin and light as a credit card, thanks to advanced hard drives and processors the size of postage stamps.
2006: TV viewers opt out: A quarter of US households have a digital video recorder and choose to watch 15 percent fewer ads.
2007: As HD-DVDs hit the market, Blu-ray compression technology means more bits per disc. Forget bulky box sets
2008: It's a wireless world: More than 700 million users are plugged into Wi-Fi worldwide, a sevenfold increase in less than four years.
2008: Stanford scientists begin untying knotted proteins and finding cures for everything from Alzheimer's to Huntington's disease.
2009: Alzheimer's vaccine passes Viagra on all-time top-drugs list
2009: Sony and Hitachi team up to unveil 3-D holographic gaming systems.
2009: Digital identity cards are issued to all citizens - not as an antiterrorism measure
but to fight spam. Email not linked to an ID is universally ignored.
2010: Home stem cell cardiac treatment kits on sale.
2010: Legitimate online music retailers are responsible for half of all music sales.
2011: On-demand music, movies, and television programming make cable and broadcast networks obsolete.
2011: Number of global AIDS cases declines for first time.
2011: Downloading a DVD-quality feature film takes only five seconds.
2012: Cars are officially smarter than people: XML programming lets a BMW call a mechanic and explain what's wrong when it malfunctions.
2014: Paper 2.0: Organic LED screens become cheap and available, replacing traditional magazines and tourist maps.

[via Wired News]


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