Day Trip to Nowhere

Somewhere between The Home Office and The National Hi-tech Crime Unit, my motorcycle broke down today. As a BMW, in theory, it's not supposed too but apparently the alternator belt may have gone, which led to a flat battery.

As a consequence, I had to abandon it in the hands of the rescue truck and hope that Park Lane BMW can have it repaired for Xmas. Totally fed-up, I had to catch the train the one hundred miles home in the middle of the London rush hour.

I'm wondering whether being stuck in traffic on the embankment this morning, watching my temperature gauge creep into the red zone, may have been a contributing factor. All approaches to Whitehall were closed-off and the result was the most appalling grid-lock which slowly strangled central London from Victoria to Holborn.

Why didn't I take the train? Silly question. At least I know that with a motorcycle I can actually get to my destination or at least I thought so. I haven't been so lucky with trains in the last year.


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