“Can you come in this evening and talk about oil” asked Miranda from Sky News.

It was about an hour ago and I was on my bicycle on one of the wilder parts of the north Kent coast, when my cell phone rang.

“It might take me rather a long time to get there, the newsroom that is and anyway, why are you asking me”, I replied.

“We have you down as an economics expert”, she said “But it sounds as if you’re too far away to reach us”.

“Very kind of you to think of me”, I said “But oil isn’t really my thing. “the Arab world maybe but beyond remarking that were’ running out and that we’re in a world of pain if we don’t come up with an alternative source of energy, there’s very little I can add that people don’t know already”.

A little earlier, I had flown into Challock, the home of Kent Gliding Club. With oil prices rising so quickly, there may come a day when flying as a hobby is out of the question, so I had decided to investigate gliding anyway. Most people start with gliding and then move on the powered flight, like the Wright brothers but I have always been interested in soaring since I was very young and perhaps this summer I might try and add a glider rating to my pilots license.

In fact, today was a perfect day for it, quite warm and windy and very bumpy over Kent. Glad I didn’t take my daughter with me or I might still be cleaning the aircraft.

I had planned to drop into Rochester to take on fuel and some lunch before flying back to Maypole but five miles out the circuit sounded like mayhem and so I decided to turn around and run for home instead, which reminds me at 5:30 pm, I still haven’t had lunch.


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