Below Brighton Pier

The south coast at four hundred feet is something to be seen. The weather was so bad this morning that we felt our way along the valleys before turning offshore near Hastings, following the coast to Southampton at four hundred feet to stay below the cloud, then flying at low level, inland towards better weather and Compton Abbas to refuel before picking up the banner to tow around Portland.

- Portland Lighthouse

Nobody else, it appears, was flying around the South coast this morning and Shoreham seemed very surprised to receive our call on approaching their airspace.

Compton is a really nice and friendly airfield. I’ve never been there before but I’ll certainly plan on visiting again. As the afternoon progressed, the weather steadily improved until, on the way home, after a second refuelling stop at Compton, we found ourselves in dazzling sunlight and rainbows on the way back to Kent.

Stonehenge to Maypole in Kent in 1:32 minutes isn’t bad. Try doing that in a car. You can keep them, I’d prefer a beaten-up aircraft to a Ferrari anyday.

No peace for the wicked anyway. Bank holiday Monday evening and a mailbox full of work deadlines to complete before Tuesday lunchtime. It's a 24 by 7 world and not everyone had this Monday as part of an extended holiday.


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