Abingdon Airshow

Just back with my nine-year-old co-pilot Charlotte, from a visit to the Abingdon airshow. Almost didn’t make it this morning with the fog, which failed to clear as predicted. We left at 10:00 expecting the cloud to lift and found instead, that it was steadily lowering as we crossed north of the Thames. Finally, I decided to divert into Stapleford and take on some fuel before calling ahead to try and work out what the weather was doing.

“Grim”, reported Wycombe but lifting. And so Charlotte and I forged on ahead nervously, finally seeing the cloud lift as we cleared Denham and with a little guesswork in the haze, found Abingdon again, because the Didcot power station was hard to find in the haze.

The show seemed smaller this year and the weather prevented some of the aircraft and displays from north of London making appearance. One casualty was stunt supremo, Denny Dobson in his Extra 300. He tried twice but Staughton only had three hundred feet of visibility and in the end, he had to disappoint his fans and call it off

By the time the show had finished it was blue skies to the South and East and we made our way home via the Lea Valley and straight over the Millennium Dome. Tomorrow, I may try some banner towing in Norwich and Scarbourgh, I haven’t been up there before. The Bank Holiday weather is turning out better than I expected.


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