Use Superglue Says the Doctor

I’m waiting for the superglue on my thumb to set.

One of the dangers of practising Iaido with a ‘Shinken’, a live blade, is that a moment’s inattention is punished. In this case, my wandering thumb was caught on the draw and in a millisecond, was neatly sliced.

Run inside and look for the tube of superglue, which is quickly pressed along the cut to close it and stop the bleeding. It works too. Every house should have superglue in its first aid kit and one day, you’ll thank me for this little tip.

Once I’ve finished writing this I should be able to carry on where I left off. My thumb looks messy under a hard shell of superglue but it’s done the trick.

This morning Charlotte and I took advantage of the glorious Easter weather to visit Headcorn airfield for breakfast and to watch the skydiving. On the way home, she took some nice aerial shots of Canterbury Cathedral, which aren’t bad for a nine year old.

Outside then and see what other digits I can cut off. This is why one mostly practises with a Iaito, a blade with a dull edge and not the real thing. Unfortunately, it gets one into bad habits which are quickly punished with the razor sharp version.


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