Tilting at Maypole

I notice that the road through the village of Hoath has sprouted a couple more fluorescent orange posters protesting against "Commercial Development of Maypole Airfield".

It's probably time that the airfield owner fought back with equally colourful arguments with headlines such as "Completely Daft" or "Absolute Rubbish". In fact, he's put a poster up outside his own home protesting against the planned development of his own airstrip, which illustrates how ridiculous this campaign against the non-existent along Hoath's high street is.

You might think that people would have more sense and might even want to find out what's true and what's not? In this case however, they appear quite happy to tilt at windmills, like the celebrated and mildly insane Spanish knight, Don Quixote.

Seems rather silly behaviour from adults from where I sit.


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