Fundamental Internet Flaw Revealed Well, there's a flurry of news article being rushed online today as news comes out about a "fundamental flaw" with TCP that could allow hackers to basically screw up routers all over the world, severely impacting internet traffic. The flaw was discovered a few months back, and people have apparently been working on a fix, but the article isn't entirely clear on whether or not important routers have really been patched, or if it's still being worked on. Either way, the guy who discovered the flaw is set to make a presentation about it on Thursday, after which he believes just about any smart hacker should be able to exploit it and do their best to take down the internet. The news is still pretty vague otherwise about this threat, and I'm always a little skeptical about "this will bring down the internet!" style claims, so if anyone has more info about how serious (or not) this is, feel free to share. Update: As noted here it appears that we were correct in assuming the "oh no, the internet is going to fall down" predictions may have been overstated as the workarounds are perfectly reasonable. [via Techdirt]


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