Busy Busy

Monday of next week starts with a magical mystery tour of the Middle East, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar on a Microsoft speaking tour before returning on Good Friday.

The Weblog has been a little quiet recently as I’ve been buried under research work. With luck, I’ll find something a little more profound to comment on the long flight home from Kuwait.

Meanwhile, I received a surprise circular through my door from The British National Party (BNP). With strong resentment against Government immigration policy in this part of Kent, it looks as if they are increasing their efforts in the area, which has seen its fair share of BNP marches along Margate seafront.

I very much doubt that the BNP will prove more than an irritation to the larger political parties but their presence and what appears to be a tacit and growing support for some of their policies should alarm a Government that appears quite ready to turn a blind eye to the public’s fears over uncontrolled immigration.


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