Windows NT4 Still the Biz

More than seven years after its debut, Windows NT4 remains the hosting Operating System of choice for a surprising number of big brand web sites. But with Windows NT4 officially retired and Microsoft planning to discontinue security patches and support at year-end, even die hard enterprises still running NT4 will presumably switch eventually.

Netcraft: Windows NT4 Still Astonishingly Popular

Monopoly, Platforms and Applications

Starting yesterday afternoon, some of us Jupiter Research analysts have been bantering e-mails back and forth about Microsoft and its platforms business. At least indirectly, the exchange relates to Microsoft’s antitrust problems with the European Union.

Microsoft Monitor

The God Particle and the Grid

The physics lab that brought you the Web is reinventing the Internet. Get ready for the atom-smashing, supercomputing, 5-gigabits-per-second Grid Economy.

Wired 12.04: The God Particle and the Grid: "The God Particle and the Grid


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