Virus attacks: More pain and money drain  via ZDNet

Microsoft speaks in tongues via ZDNet

Bookies suffer online onslaught An investigation by BBC News Online has shown how many betting websites are being attacked. [via BBC News ]

MPs reassess e-crime laws MPs are to debate whether the law on computer misuse is too outdated to deal with the rising net crime. [via BBC News]

Why Microsoft 'Shared Source' can never be trusted Trojan wars and Cold Wars [via The Register]

Microsoft in Talks to Acquire AOL? The New York Post says Microsoft is making overtures. Word is that AOL is definitely on the block. [via Microsoft Watch]

No Settlement in the Cards Even the ultimate salesman, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, seems to have been unable to sway the European Union. Unless something drastic happens between now and Wednesday, it looks like Microsoft may be unbundling Media Player from some of the versions of Windows it sells (and paying a hefty antitrust violation fine, to boot). [via Microsoft Watch]

Fast-Moving Worm Crashes Computers Witty, a new worm that hit the Internet Saturday, corrupts hard drives of machines running vulnerable versions of ISS' BlackIce products, causing the PCs to crash. eWEEK Technology News
Microsoft VP Talks Strategy on Longhorn, Whidbey Microsoft is looking at delivering "incremental value" as customers await their rollouts, senior vice president Bob Muglia says. [via eWEEK Technology News]

Lawrence Lessig's book Free Culture will be released next week, and the reviews have begun. The first to qualify then is extraordinary via Forbes.[Lessig Blog]


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