I’ve been out tying down the aircraft against the wind. It’s so severe that it took my big 1150 GS BMW and tossed it over on its side as if it were a child’s bicycle.

With straps tethering the line of aircraft to a thick wire cable across the airfield, every now and then, a strong gust, over the wings is enough to achieve vertical take off and a hovering effect for a second or two before dropping down on the grass again.

The month has suddenly become incredibly busy with several projects appearing simultaneously. Microsoft are shipping me off to Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar at the beginning of next month for a security road show and somewhere in between I’ve to start thinking originally about computer crime and terrorism and potential points of convergence.

Meanwhile, back at Maypole Farm, Brian is now building a full-scale B52 Bomber in his workshop form matches and baked bean cans. While this may concern local residents, who might be worried by the noise and radiation implications, we haven’t yet worked out where to store its payload of Russian nuclear-tipped cruise missiles, discovered by chance in an eBay auction and how long the grass runway might have to be extended towards the village to allow a takeoff once its completed.


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