Trust Me - I'm Gordon Brown

I had to turn off Gordon Brown’s ranting speech to the Labour Spring Conference yesterday, it was making me and my wife feel ill.

And the gestures? “A mix between Adolph H. and Edith Piaf”, said my wife and quite unnatural to the observer. One could almost imagine him reading his speech from the autocue, with a line break and “Gesture Now Gordon”, printed in large red letters. As a political speech writer, I have to smile!

We are, it seems, all better off under Labour. In fact we’ve never had it so good. Families, pensioners, business, education, and even the ungrateful, such as me are benefiting. He may have added sixty new taxes since he became Chancellor and increased the average family tax bill by £5,000 but it’s built a dynamic economy or so he says, standing at the edge of an abyss of personal debt, government overspend and a financial crisis looming in just about any direction you care to look.

I really don’t believe that people object to paying extra taxes if their lives and the infrastructure that surrounds them, improves as a consequence but I have yet to engage a single person in conversation who believes that life is better under Labour and in fact, they tell me just the opposite and many, businessmen or bricklayers, talk of moving to Spain, given any opportunity.

Gordon Brown appears to covet the leadership of his party and the role of Prime Minister. A true socialist in a tradition that takes us to Ernest Bevin and policies that even after a series of Labour Governments, have still only achieved bigger Government, armies of tax inspectors, statisticians and traffic wardens but very little else to be proud of.

The Channel 4 comedy series, Bremner, Bird & Fortune has a great sketch of Tony Blair trying to wade through a speech that goes horribly wrong. You can find this and others Here. You need broadband though.


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