Some spam reptile is spoofing my Zentelligence domain. I’m receiving a steady stream of returns from mail servers telling me that mailboxes are full or recipients don’t exist. There’s absolutely nothing I can do about this and I feel dirtied and angry that some cheap criminal is using my brand name to send thousands if not millions of users useless email offers,

A busy day. I flew over to Panshanger to see Itheon, who have an interesting Linux (SuSe) appliance that can be used for total network infrastructure management. I called it a “box of tricks”, which it is and a clever one too. However, I won’t spoil things by writing about it now, so I’ll put my thoughts into a Computer Weekly column later.

The best way to get to Panshanger was by air, convenient because Itheon were only a couple of miles from the airfield. Not as bright as yesterday and very misty when I took off from the North Kent coast at 10:00 AM. In fact, visibility was so poor that I had to ask for a radar information service all the way to Stapleford to avoid the risk of bumping into another aircraft in the often crowded corridor between Southend and Luton.

In all, it took me just over forty-five minutes each way. By car or train I hate to think. I see that Brian has almost finished building his Stampe (a close cousin of the Tiger Moth) in the Maypole workshop. I’m filled with admiration. I would struggle to build an Airfix kit but in under a year, he’s almost finished building a vintage bi-plane, with such precision and attention to detail that it’s a work or art.


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