Inside Crime

I was up in London yesterday filming a piece on ‘Phishing’ for the ITV ‘Inside Crime’ series.

Not a great day for the banks, as both Nat West and Lloyds TSB were both hit by elaborate scams, the former more worrying than most because it appears to introduce a Peer-to-Peer (p2p) element into the crime for the first time, in that the offending website looks to be moving around between hijacked personal computers on a broadband network. This of course makes detection and closing down the very good if not perfect digital image of the Nat West site very difficult indeed.

My most bizarre conversation was with Channel 4 News. I was trying to explain that the URL for the spoof Nat West site was not in fact the bank’s web page.

“But it says Nat West”
“Yes, but it’s not, it resolves to an address in Alaska and as far as I know, Nat West don’t operate that far West”
“But it says Nat West”

And so the conversation continued until someone else interrupted and confirmed that the bank was admitting a problem.

It’s hard to explain this stuff sometimes and very easy to be caught by it.


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