DDoS Counterstrikes Prompt Debate The recent spate of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks is prompting discussion about defense strategies available to web sites. The debate intensified this week when Symbiot Inc. announced a new product that offers the capability to launch damaging "counterstrikes." [via Netcraft]

One IT job in four 'to go abroad' India and a clutch of other countries will pick up a quarter of Europe's IT jobs by 2010, a report says.  [via BBC News | Technology | UK Edition]

WIRED: Some Like It Hot. Lawrence Lessig.This doesn't mean that there are no questions raised by the latest piracy concern - peer-to-peer file-sharing. But it does mean that we need to understand the harm in P2P sharing a bit more before we condemn it to the gallows.

Europe Considers Harsh Piracy Law The European Union will likely enact a law to give local police more power to seize the assets of suspected intellectual-property thieves. Opponents say the law is just too severe. [via Wired News]


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