Rough Justice

I’ll confess, MyDoom is now getting on my nerves. I’ve just started Outlook and there are at least fifty copies of the virus in my mailbox and I’m guessing I’ve received five hundred to a thousand since Wednesday of last week. It’s chewing-up my time and I’m sure that it’s doing much the same to you.

There was an extended panic yesterday when I thought I had the virus on my second laptop. A file associated with My Doom (on the Kapersky antivirus site) appeared to be sitting in my Windows Directory and it took the entire day and virus scans from Norton, MacAfee and GeCad to convince me that the machine was clean. The result, a lost Saturday.

How we stop this plague other than very publicly hanging the next convicted virus author from the nearest lamppost I don’t know. All I can tell you is that each incident is becoming nastier than the one before it and the cost to the economy and society in general is fast becoming unacceptable.

Any clever solutions on a postcard please.


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