One of Those Days

Which started with my HP ze4300 laptop deciding that it would start up to the splash screen but no further. I tried everything, Safe Mode, Norton, the lot but nothing worked and in the end I decided to pull my 'spare' ze4300 out of its box and completely reinstall all my files from my desktop PC. This took twelve hours and I'm almost done.

I'm lucky. At least I have a spare, thanks to HP not having collected the unit they left with me last month. What frustrates me though is that this is the third lethal Windows XP crash I've had. Look back in this weblog and you'll find references to two previous rebuilds and at least three major Operating System crashes.

What causes this? God knows. I've heard one Microsoft techie alluding to 'Cumulative patch fatigue' but all I know is that I've lost most of this week's work from my stay in London and that hurts. At least the critical files find their way onto my USB drive. I've learned a hard lesson as a Windows XP user over the last two years. Always back-up to a USB drive, carry a copy of Norton Systemworks and don't lose your original XP CD - Which I have done today -.

If my experience is anything near normal, then assume the worst will happen and make sure you are fully backed-up. Few of of us ever are but at least try. You won't regret the effort when your turn comes.


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