Homeless Tony

Outside it’s snowing and then some. I was caught by a blizzard of sleet on my motorcycle this morning. Wearing only jeans and a jacket, I can still feel the consequence of the biting cold eight hours later. The visor on my crash helmet froze shut in the sudden drop in temperature.

I had planned to go flying this morning and it’s a good thing I changed my mind after a talk with the tower and a quarter of an hour looking at the clouds coming in from the North Sea. It was surprising how fast the weather changed from blue skies to a frozen grey-out.

Later on, before sunset, I managed to lift off for thirty minutes but the visibility wasn’t good. So much cloud was around that my aircraft GPS gave up trying and decided that I was suspended somewhere above Herne Bay. I’ve only seen this happen once before in a thunderstorm and it’s a lesson to anyone who might start relying on a GPS in bad weather. Don’t.

From television and The Sunday Times today, we learn that the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, once lived on the streets around Euston. “I know what it’s like to be homeless”, say Tony. “Sure”, say the electorate "We believe you". For many people, including Clare Short and the British taxpayer the sooner Tony is out selling the Big Issue again, the better.


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