Perhaps Even Snow?

Bitterly cold here by the sea in Kent. I braved it long enough to run along the sea wall for a couple of miles with a wooly hat and gloves. Remembering back to digging snow holes in the Royal Marines in what seems a lifetime ago, I think I've become fonder of my creature comforts. For some reason the water hadn't warmed-up in the shower when I arrived home, so I had to brave a blast of cold water which also reminded me of Commando training, the water obstacles at CTC Lympstone in the Winter.

- Winter Funtime

You crawl through gravel-filled, half submerged pipes on your hands and knees and then have to dive, wearing full battle-dress, under a culvert. One PT instructor pushes you in and another grabs you underwater from the other side and pulls you out again. If it's really cold, you have to break the ice first.

There was one day, I recall, when we saw a video of a place called the Falklands. "Anyone want to volunteer? If you like fishing it's a good posting", out there in the middle of the South Atlantic. A few years later, some Argentinian salmon fisherman decided to visit Port Stanley 'en masse' but fortunately, I was in Saudi Arabia at the time.

Funny thing about this industry, several Royal Marines ended-up as IT journalists, Ian Murphy being one. It must be something to do with being heavily-armed, cold wet and miserable that drives one towards a career in information technology!


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