A very grey start to the day here on the coast, so flying is out of the question, the real thing, although I plan to experiment and flight test the highly accurate B25 Mitchell simulation for Microsoft’s Flight Simulator from the Mid Atlantic Air Museum that arrived yesterday.

With just about everything on the simulated wartime bomber working in terms of flight control systems, one quite literally has to read the pilot’s handbook to fly it. I recall the very first version of Microsoft Flight Simulator when I started in this industry twenty years ago and each new version is closer to the real thing, at least in terms of the flight model. Your’e unlikely to bang your head against a strut in the real world, which is one reason, pilots wear caps. That extra six inches of peak acts as a collision warning.

I have an email in front of me from Professor Kozlovski of Yale University inviting me to submit a paper and attend an eCrime conference , 'Digital Cops' at the law school. I wish I could but with so much work to do finalising the details for our own eCrime Congress in London next month, I very much doubt that I have the time.

In any case, the latest aviation regulations from our American friends, forbidding any queuing around aircraft toilets in US airspace rather puts me off, as I'm not sure how long I can keep my legs crossed on a long flight.


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