A New Year's Resolution

Don't fiddle. That's it.

I'm talking about downloading software or experimenting with one's PC configuration during the holiday. Six hours later, I have one of my laptops back to normal after foolishly downloading some files from a Flight Simulator website. I should have known better but something, not a virus, corrupted my WIndows registry and I've spent the better part of New Year's Day putting it right.

Another thing I discovered today, trying to finish a client report, is that Adobe's Acrobat 5 'Distiller' has problems with Office 2003. For some strange reason it won't carry embedded Weblinks across to the final PDF file and I've spent ages proving this on two separate PC in between trying out the solutions on the Microsoft and Adobe Web sites.

The answer if your'e interest is an expensive one. Buy a copy of Adobe 6.0, which seems an outrageously expensive way of getting it to work. The expression, 'Over a barrel' springs to mind', at which I give up and go to bed. Another year as a slave to technology begins  with no hope of time off for good behaviour.


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