Meet Fluffy

Here, on the very edge of the known world, The Isle of Thanet, it’s a particularly wet Thursday and I’ve decided that my WebCam was a complete waste of money. Nobody I know appears to be using a recent enough version of MSN Messenger to see the picture it transmits and prove to me that its working properly.

I'm not entirely sure why I need a WebCam anyway, other than that they were on sale at PC World when I was last there. I’m tempted to point it a my daughter’s Hamster cage and create the world’s first ‘HamsterCam’ as a healthier alternative to a world crammed with ‘pay-per-view’, ‘Teencam’ strippers allegedly working their way through college but then I remembered the Pet Shop Boys.

Meet Fluffy

I’m not convinced that anyone is quite ready to pay to view a 24*7 HamsterCam. What do you think?


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