Hop For the Day

One day, I’ll finally give up reading the Sunday papers. I start the morning demoralised by the constant diet of political correctness, sex, corruption, waste and war and that’s just the politics and policy of our Labour government without the world news, which is little different.

I turned my ankle running along the sea wall yesterday evening. For a moment, the pain was so great I wondered if I had broken it and how I would get home but managed to limp my way back towards the streetlights on the seafront. Tonight, I have to go to London but putting on my left motor cycle boot is going to be a challenge.

I’ve noticed that both my PC’s are becoming ‘flaky’ again. The one I’m writing this on had to check it’s file allocation table – FAT – on start-up, not a good sign with Windows XP as this can be a precursor to a catastrophic system crash, so I had better back up my vital files before I forget.

I’ve been using Norton’s SystemWorks to carry-out housekeeping on my computers and it’s amazing how many nasty errors and faults need to be repaired on a weekly basis. The only problem is that SystemWorks contains the Norton Anti Virus (NAV) program and that has a nasty habit of causing problems, which in turn can virtually kill one’s PC, in my experience at least. I’ve had to rebuild my laptop three times now and on each occasion, NAV’s vice like grip on the registry has presented problems, so beware.

There’s also something strange happening with Blogger of late, which I suspect, is a Java problem. Internet Explorer crashes on a regular basis when I try to edit this Weblog and could be a consequence of the Java wars between Microsoft and Sun Microsystems, one fight that very few people care about as long as their applications work.


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