Experience Over Optimism

The lemon balm tea must be working. I managed to read the Sunday Times and its public-sector appointments section this morning without a noticeable rise in blood pressure.

Richard Littlejohn has been making acid remarks over public sector salaries for some time on his television programme but reading through the pages, I find it hard to balance six figure salaries against the role described. In fact, I've decided to approach my local county council and offer to do the job involved for half the advertised salary on a consultancy basis and no, it's not 'Smoking Cessation Officer' or 'Political Correctness Supervisor' either.

Outside, it's a stunning day and I decided to have another attempt at flying this morning. Ian, the pilot of the other Cessna 150 on the field, thought that the ground might have drained sufficiently so he had a go and managed to leave the ground, only just but radioed back that it was still very 'boggy'. I walked along the runway and took a careful note of his tracks and some quick mental arithmetic told me that with a full fuel load and no headwind the odds were not in my favour and so I waited for the mud-spatterd Ian to return and helped him push his aircraft to the water hose once he had struggled back off the runway, up to his discs with water. Apparently, Rochester airport closed this morning for the very same reason, waterlogged.

My comments in Computer Weekly on the critical national infrastructure (CNI)may have struck a chord. I've received a note from Westminster telling me the Shadow Opposition have asked for a half-day debate on cyber-terrorism and CNI. It's about time we asked some very searching questions of Government on this subject even if the reply is only one of reassurance.


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