Civius Altius Forteus

Having spent the day in London there’s not a moment of regret over giving up the big city and moving to the coast.

What I find amusing is the suggestion that we could possibly host the Olympics in our refugee-packed, grid-locked untidy city. There’s a bold suggestion that the area in front of my old home, adjacent to the Wimbledon Tennis stadium could be developed for the games but hold on a moment. Wimbledon tennis is bad enough for local residents, two weeks of inconvenience and adding more on top of this would be crazy and to what purpose?

The Winning Throw - 2003 Swedish Elk Throwing Championships.

Let’s face it, London simply isn’t up to Olympic city status these days. Red Ken, our beloved Mayor has done little but create traffic chaos by adding a congestion charge and ‘traffic calming’ measures, speed bumps and traffic lights. The Underground is best not mentioned in the summer and the cost of living is horrendous.

We’ve had the Millennium Dome so do we really need the Olympic Games and who really cares anyway? Not anyone I know.


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