24 Carat Martyr

According to the Daily Telegraph, "The head of the Commission for Racial Equality has accused Robert Kilroy-Silk of posing as a "24-carat martyr" and called for him to issue an apology for his article in which he called Arabs "suicide bombers, limb-amputators, women repressors".

I don't know about your opinions but I certainly believe the tide of political correctness in this country has reached disturbing proportions. Kilroy Silk may have been guilty of a gross exaggeration but I would draw people’s attention to the latest UNDP report on the Arab world, not as mitigation but to support the facts.

Furthermore, Kilroy Silk would have been more accurate if had described the issues in terms of Islamic fundamentalism, Nigeria, Pakistan, Afghanistan et al than simply making a sweeping generalism about the Arab world, which includes secular states such as Morocco, Egypt and Dubai.

None the less, people should be allowed to express opinions. After all, Abou Hamza expressed his for years. The trouble is that white Caucasians in Britain are certainly not allowed to express opinions which touch on race or religion. We have become an opinion less society, victims of a thinly disguised Stalinism that George Orwell would have recognised.

Meanwhile, for anyone who might be interested, The United States Department of Defense is keeping a Web count of the US casualties in Iraq. The figures echo the statistics of the early day of the Vietnam war.


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