Wireless & Wonderful

It’s a miracle. Well almost. I’ve got the Broadband connection out of the house working but with one small problem. I can’t for the life of me work out how to turn on wireless encryption without dropping the wireless connection.

It should be simple, select WEP and pop-in the key and in theory, it should work seamlessly but it doesn’t, leaving me, as someone who lectures everyone else on the importance of good wireless network security, looking a little silly and of course open to any drive-by hacker, which is a little unlikely, unless he’s walking his dog on the beach or sitting on board the small ship which has anchored offshore for the evening.

It does illustrate the problem though. Security should be seamless, transparent and above all simple and it’s not. Simply installing the wireless router properly has taken me four hours and three different telephone calls, the first one pointing out that I have to write the name of the router before the SSID code and not simply the SSID code in the Windows configuration. It doesn’t actually say that in the instructions which are translated from French and read that way too, so there’s some room for interpretation from ‘know-it-all’s’ like me, who are bound to get it wrong. Non?

Anyway, it’s all working well, I’m perfectly Windows updated and “anti-virused” but still open to an attack from any Labrador owner with a Pringles can, a laptop and a copy of AirSnort, mirroring my adventures in the City of London with Sky News a year ago.

Meanwhile, I’m feeling a little vindicated in declining the invitation to Yemen last week, given the BBC news coverage today of an Al Qaeda plot to blow-up the Embassy. I see the Ambassador drives around with a close protection unit at all times but neither the Foreign Office or the UN were prepared to offer me any security commitment, so perhaps I was more sensible catching a cold here rather than risking something nastier in Sana’a?


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