Bitterly cold on the coast today. The north wind is blowing uninterrupted from the arctic and bouncing off my double glazing.

A new washing machine was installed this afternoon but it appears that the fitters failed to tighten the connection to the mains water supply properly, with the result that water has now flooded the kitchen and the new wooden floor laid only last week. Unfortunately Barretts in Canterbury can't find their two men, who have switched off their mobile phones and gone home after this last job of the day, leaving us in a mess that can't be rectified until tomorrow, the day that the Sky installers, you know, the one's who aren't allowed to climb ladders, are due to return, after disappearing off the job suddenly last week.

It could be worse I suppose. One of our friends also had a new kitchen fitted this month and the same thing happened, except they didn't notice until the morning, when they found the ground floor of their house under six inches of water.

Forget technology, even the most basic stuff appears to be beyond the grasp of today's workmen. You see it on television but it's true, try renovating a house or moving home and you'll find that Dell Boy Trotter and Rodney are alive and well and working for builders or electronics companies in your area.


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