Safe as The Bank of England

An email scam is responsible for messages apparently originating from the Bank of England which invites the recipient to download an attachment as an antidote against keylogging software.

In the past few months, a rash of emails posing as correspondence from some of the world's biggest banks have flowed into various email inboxes. The scams have been reported in Britain, the US and Australia, to name a few. British banks have been particularly hard hit this fall with more than a half-dozen, including Barclays, Lloyds, The Halifax, TSB and NatWest, posting warnings to customers that they have been the target of fraudsters.

With the Bank of England name behind it, it's certainly one of the stories of the day and I've just recorded a Radio 4 interview attempting to explain what it means to the man in the street and why it's important.

Apparently the Bank of England domain has had over 100,000 returns which suggests that in many cases, Internet security software on PCs or Servers is working well. However, as only 10 - 20% of the population carry any serious form of Internet security precautions, we can speculate that the total number of emails was much greater, perhaps a million or more.



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