My God - It's Alive

It works.... RSS that is.

Today, I downloaded Newz Crawler and started experimenting with RSS feeds, the first of which was Alan Mather's 'eGovernment@Large'. Not really understanding how RSS works, it was a matter of luck rather than judgement, which allowed me to add his Weblog to the list of newsfeeds being delivered to my PC. Actually, the Newz Crawler interface makes it quite easy.

So now, I can make up my own newspaper of sorts. the BBC, The Register, CNN, Reuters, ZDNet and hundreds if not thousands more if I want them, delivering the headlines to folders that look like the Outlook sidebar. I'm starting to wonder how I lived without Broadband and a wireless network at home and could be in danger of becoming a nerd, which for me, would be a fate worse than death.

The next step is to see whether 'BlogThis' from inside Newz Crawler automatically posts to my Zentelligence Weblog. Fingers crossed... here goes!


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