Moores and the Mac

I’ve been neglecting this journal over the last two weeks. Moving house and office simultaneously is my excuse; living a life surrounded by overflowing cardboard boxes.

The other problem with moving is I keep losing things. I know they’re somewhere but in which box and in which room? At least the IT is working and in a week or so, I’ll have Broadband turned on and the fun of seeing if the new wireless router that’s been delivered works.

Apple Computer have very kindly offered to lend me an iMac, so I can describe the experience and whether I find using an Apple Computer an improvement on using a PC with Windows XP on board. I Still have an older Apple Powerbook 3400 which keeps on going so I’ll be interested to see if the new machines with the UNIX based Operating system are more reliable, they’re certainly sexier and that really sums-up Apple in the minds of many, an aspirational lifestyle or designer device, like Harley Davidson motorcycles or Breitling watches. Technology making a statement rather than a simple statement of technology.

Back to designing Christmas cards then. With two weeks to go I’m badly behind with the shopping and if the opportunity to postpone Christmas came along, I’d gladly take it.


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