Internet Security, It's Catch 22

A summons from the BBC World Service no less. They just alerted me to the fact that one of my comments, "Catch-22", on the risks of Internet security over the Christmas period is in The Independent newspaper today. Unable to join the 'beeb' for a shopping expedition in the Tottenham Court Road, the next best thing I can offer them is a 5'O'Clock radio interview from their Radio Kent studio, hidden behind the reception at Margate hospital

So it's Christmas Eve and I have a mini webcam installed on the desk in front of me. In theory, I want to test whether I can stream voice and video through Microsoft’s Instant Messenger but in practise, nobody I know, appears to be online and I cannot seem to get it running between the two laptops on my house wireless network.

The Webcam hosting service being offered with the camera by Logitek appears to have gone out of business. Instead, there’s an offer from a company based in the Netherlands, offering hosted Webcam sites at a competitive price, with examples to see. Not really the kind of thing I had in mind as I don’t somehow think people will want to pay for my topless Weblog when there are hundreds more from available from girls with far more attractive chest measurements than my own.

One other thing I’m trying is enabling my mobile phone to receive instant messages while I’m away from my desk. What worries me is the risk and cost of spam at 12 pence a time; one just having arrived from someone called 'Deb'.

A rather grey day but at least it’s warmer than it was earlier in the week and the gale has passed. This afternoon is a toss-up between writing a feature for the eCrime Congress magazine, ‘Middle Ground’ or wandering over to perform routine maintenance on the aircraft in a soggy field. After all this rain, perhaps I should break out the Scotch and the WD40 and oil all the moving and exposed parts, my own and the aircraft’s.


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