The Hampton Court ghost. Certainly the video looks interesting as the alleged phantasm throws open the palace fire doors but I do find it utterly farcical that so called ‘experts’ in 'newspapers' like the Sun, speculate that it might be the wandering ghost of Henry VIII.

Take a good look at the photo. Even the most historically challenged expert should be able to spot that it looks nothing like big bad King Henry and the costume said ghost is wearing is more Jacobean than Tudor in style. My own uneducated guess, looking at the ghostly collar, is around the time of James I to Charles I but who am I to say.

Is it real in the figurative sense? It would be fascinating if it was something inexplicable and not simply a prank but today, it’s impossible to say what might be real and what isn’t.

Last night I watched a BBC documentary programme on the science and theory of time travel. One of its conclusions was that given the advance of Moore’s Law, the infinitely powerful computers of the future would be able to recreate ‘virtual’ history, something between The Matrix and Star Trek’s Holodeck. However, we can’t tell whether we are in fact real or simply computer simulations recreating history for a civilisation in the far future. Sort of help me, I’m a hologram.

Makes you think doesn’t it? I think therefore I am but in fact Descartes was wrong. I’m not and I never was.


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