A Fishy Story

No snow yet but the bitterly cold North wind made it impossible to reach the seafront in front of my house today. More accurately with the tide in this morning and waves pounding over the promenade, there was nowhere to go and the sea was as rough as I’ve ever seen it here, with giant waves breaking on the submerged sands several miles offshore.

Everyone appears to have given-up early for Christmas. A few more virtual cards and a lot more ‘out-of-office agents’ appearing in my inbox. Me, I’m faced with the prospect of having to drive up to the London house tomorrow to feed my daughter’s fish. A two hundred mile round trip to keep three small Goldfish going must seem crazy and it is but I feel a responsibility to them and it wouldn’t be right to neglect them or any other creature one takes into one’s home. Dogs, Hamsters, Goldfish, you name them.

Next up is a rabbit says my daughter but I’m trying to avoid that as long as possible!


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