Countdown to 2004

Almost Spanish sunshine and banks of British fog. That's the view from the Kent coast today. I had hoped for a New Year's Eve flight to somewhere interesting but I can't actually find my aircraft in the fog. A mile away one needs dark glasses it's so bright.

The last evening of indulgence looms and then it's all over for another year. Having downsized to the coast, I must admit there are certain benefits in living outside the city although I do miss Starbucks and have had to make do with a Krup coffee machine in the kitchen. The only problem is that the dog keeps asking me to walk her on the beach and the temptation to interrupt my work and go and admire the view is a strong one.

Anyway, a Happy & Prosperous New Year to everyone and perhaps 2004 will be the year that the British public finally stands-up to its government and declares it's had enough of Gordon Brown and Tony's imaginary WMDs. I doubt it though, as each year passed our individual rights and freedoms are nibbled away in the name of some vague socialist nirvana. It started with speed cameras, 'tax on account' and CC TV. Where it finishes is anyone's guess.


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