Air Mobile

The last Friday before Christmas and my small daughter, in celebratory mood, has sprayed perfume over our equally small Yorkshire terrier, who is far from amused.

Yesterday, the two of us, my daughter, not the terrier, made a quick mercy flight to Toys R Us at Rochester. I packed her silver ‘Super Scooter’ in the back of the aircraft, with the result that she quickly discovered that the smoothly polished floors of both PC World and Toys R Us are perfect for the serious business of high-speed scooting between the aisles.

I hadn’t bargained on the weight of booty that was picked-out with her grandparent's Christmas money and I did rather wonder if the runway was going to be long enough for the aircraft to leave the ground with all the extra luggage. In the end however, with ten degrees of flap, we managed to wallow off the wet grass at the end of Rochester’s runway 16, which drops away vertically to the M2 motorway at the bottom of the Medway valley as a reminder to anyone who gets their takeoff calculations wrong.

Tomorrow has to be Christmas shopping day, it’s the only time I have left and panic is setting in. One day, someone is going to make a fortune from a website, which might allow you to store profiles of friends and family and then suggest Christmas or birthday gifts. Like most men, I hate shopping and anything that relieves me of a fight to the death for a parking space in the local shopping centre has to be worth exploring.


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