Nil Desperandum or Something Similar

I should have written a Computer Weekly column today but found myself putting it of until the evening.

Normally these things are reasonably spontaneous but tonight I can’t find a single creative thought, which is unusual but also might imply that there’s very little happening of real interest this week, beyond the possibility that the EU might ban Windows in Europe, which I can’t take seriously.

Is the Windows Media Player a product or a feature? You tell me. One is inextricably bound into Windows, like Internet Explorer and the other can be added and detached at will. Personally, I don’t really care, I rather like the Media Player and loathe the Real Player alternative which attaches itself to your system like an unwelcome parasite if you aren’t careful.

Does anybody else really care? The regulators and Microsoft’s rivals, I’m sure but for the rest of us, if it works well under Windows, that’s just dandy and it could be naïve if you listen to the argument presented by the anti=Microsoft faction.

I drove past the US Embassy yesterday morning as I took my daughter to Hamley’s, London’s biggest toy store, perched on the back of my motorcycle.

“Why are all those policeman carrying guns”, she asked, as we cruised through the concrete barriers being laid in Grosvenor Square. “They are hoping to arrest the President of the United States”, I replied, “But I might be wrong”.

It’s hard to explain Windows and warfare, Penguins, big-oil interest and globalism to an eight year old when you are driving a motorcycle through central London. Only black cabbies can do that and they never look where they are going anyway.

As for the consequences of a war in Iraq, don’t say I didn’t warn you!


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