Marbles - As in Losing Them

I can't find my Cisco wireless network card, which means I can't use my wireless network. I last saw it on Sunday evening as I was packing for the RSA conference but haven't seen it since. As I happen to have the door card for the Amsterdam Hilton, I rather did wonder if I handed my wireless card back to reception instead but it's not likely and I don't think I'm quite that senile yet.

I sat down with Tony Neate from the NHTCU at the conference and showed him what I discovered over the weekend. This site has been 'hijacked' by a UK sex site. I won't give you the name but it seems that this 'Blog' is popular enough now for others to try and leverage-off its Google rating, which you might think of as a compliment until you see where it leads sometimes.

So a search doesn't always bring you here and instead, it might lead you somewhere else, where the pictures are far more interesting than anything I can offer. Very little in the way of comment on offer though and the text is a variation of a number of four letter expressions for the anatomically minded.


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