Leveraging Linux For Infrastructure Flexibility, Dependability And Savings

A Financial Services Briefing

Reliability. Security. A lower TCO. Such benefits have made Linux the world's fastest growing operating system. As Linux has moved beyond being an IT debate to become a business and strategic decision, are you looking for a way to explore the benefits of Linux in your IT environment without jumping in blind?

On the morning of 10th December in the magnificent Drapers' Hall, a Financial Times Business Briefing (in partnership with "The Banker" magazine) will give a clear understanding of what is happening with Linux and Open Source in the UK financial services sector. The morning features FIVE insightful case studies from leading financial services organisations and suppliers (including Citigroup, Deutsche Bank and Merrill Lynch) and a Panel Session chaired by Dr. Simon Moores, widely recognised as one of the UK's most respected technology columnists and broadcasters.

This Briefing represents an invaluable opportunity for parties involved or contemplating involvement in the Linux revolution to assess key issues and challenges. Entry is FREE and includes attendance, refreshments and any documentation supplied by our speakers and panellists.

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