Granita or Grappo

Dinner with Alan Mather – eGovernment’s answer to Karl Marx - and his friends at Giardinetto, a splendid little restaurant in Charlotte Street. I was reminded a little of Hemingway’s novel, ‘A Moveable Feast’, dinner parties in the Paris of the twenties and the setting of the world to rights with the literary icons of the time, Hemingway, Scott Fitzgerald – The Great Gatsby – Ezra Pound and others enjoying the wine and conversation.

In our case, it was a little different and it was not great literature or even icons but the challenge of eGovernment and the process of public sector reform that took the conversation late into the evening over some very good Italian wine.

Did we reach any stunning conclusions? I’m not sure I can remember clearly after sharing a bottle of what may have been 100% proof pear liqueur. If there are any new, bold and great ideas, short of starting a revolution, the compulsory wiring of pensioners for Broadband or shooting the occasional Minister, then these were lost in the stairwell at Giardinetto towards midnight.

If you happen to find them there, then please return them to me or Alan Mather at The Office of the e-Envoy.


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