The Golden Age of Movies - Not

Pinocchio meets Aliens” my wife called it but others know it as ‘The Matrix Reloaded’, over two hours of explosions and ‘Special FX’ thinly woven together with a feeble and politically correct plot and cast.

The first Matrix film was a burst of constant activity and entertainment and one could at least forgive the weaknesses in the story line but ‘Matrix Regurgitated’ is just, well, awful or at least I think so. “Like watching paint dry”, my wife again who disappeared off to talk to one of her friends for an hour on the phone in the kitchen.

Why didn’t the critics pan this movie? Perhaps because they are now part of the great Hollywood machine and there’s too much money in merchandising and movie rights involved. So many of today’s films or movies, depending on which side of the pond you live on, are fast to market rubbish aimed at the interest of a low IQ American audience. They only serve to illustrate the huge and constantly growing gulf between America and Europe, where the movies portray a ghetto culture of the future, with values that are very different to those you might find in Madrid or Paris or even St Petersburg.

If you want to see a film with a story-line anymore, then it’s a choice between Hugh Grant or Bridget Jones but certainly, Hollywood has very little to offer, these days apart from ‘Finding Nemo’ and that’s Pixar.


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