Give Them Hell

With twenty minutes to spare before lunch in Victoria yesterday, I ambled along to Buckingham Palace to see what was happening.

When I arrived, it all rather reminded me of the opening scene from the film, ‘Gladiator’. All along Buckingham Palace Road, the police were stationed every thirty yards and all that was missing outside the palace gates was a catapult and Roman legionaries. What, I wondered is happening to the crime figures in South London, with all the police stationed in SW1?

I notice that the government’s foundation hospitals bill ‘squeaked’ through Parliament last night, saved only by Labour’s Scottish MPs who in turn, won’t be having the same hospitals on their doorstep. Once again and reminscent of ‘Gladiator’, Labour’s band of Pictish mercenaries emerge from the forests, shaking their fists at the rest of us.

Whatever happened to a sense of real democracy I ask? After all, why, in all reason, should Scottish MPs be allowed to vote on important legislation that affects only England while English MP’s are barred from voting on Scottish issues?

I do wonder if the visiting President realises that the waning sense of Parliamentary democracy in Britain will soon have catch up with a new democracy in Iraq.

Finally, I see that Britain falling behind in cyberspace

Scandinavia leads the world in internet access according to the UN communications agency.

Sweden came in first in the Digital Access Index, followed by Denmark and Iceland, while Norway was fifth, says the International Telecommunications Union.

It claims it is the first global ranking of the subject.

Britain came twelfth and we are still a long way behind the Government’s promise of being the best country in the world to do eBusiness in.

The United States was in eleventh place, held back in part by its underdeveloped mobile phone system.


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