I’m surrounded by boxes but at least the IT is up and running again, although, with a distinct lack of furniture, it’s amazing how many PC’s, monitors and printers one can cram onto a single desk without it collapsing. Yet.

To celebrate the move, The Inland Revenue have sent me a letter announcing that I am entirely responsible for the national debt and should pay this by 29th January or face cluster bombing or at the very least, occupation by the Americans.

With all one’s files in boxes between houses, this is the kind of house warming surprise I could do without, particularly after a rummage through the files, tells me that in the view of my accountant, the Treasury owes me money and not the other way around. One should be innocent until proven guilty but I am a little jaded in my views.

On the last occasion this happened, five years ago, it cost me a small fortune to prove myself the victim of what is best described as tax theft on the part of Government. In the end, they paid up but would not of course apologise or offer compensation for the stress or the hours of professional accountancy work involved in proving that Government simply couldn’t add-up properly.

Since then we’ve seen the arrival of eGovernment and thirteen thousand new tax inspectors, so is my confidence in natural justice and the system any higher than it was? What do you think?


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