Time Flies

Time flies and the weekend is almost over.

Friday, I managed to grab a top of the news piece on Sky News on outsourcing. HSBC had announced they were going to axe 4,000 call centre jobs in Wales and I spent almost five minutes explaining why I thought outsourcing is getting out of control. After all, what does Britain produce anymore other than Scots Whiskey? Once we have lost our manufacturing sector, our IT sector and a quarter of a million call centre jobs, then what’s left? Working for Government or in MacDonald’s perhaps?

Today, Charlotte and I visited the Tower of London. The first time I have been there in almost forty years. The crowds weren’t as bad as I thought and perhaps another underground train derailment at Camden Town reduced the numbers a little. Ironically, the crowds on the opposite side of Tower Bridge, under David Blaine’s glass box, were almost as large as those visiting the ‘Bloody Tower’. Blaine may almost have starved himself to death, this being his last day of personal suffering or stupidity – judge it as you wish - but one might argue that his unusual stunt has been a PR success if the crowds 15,000 people at the moment and TV are any measure.

Charlotte was a little disappointed that the torture display was a little thin. I’ll have to take her to the London Dungeon next time, children like that kind of thing being rather disconnected from the reality of being hung, drawn and quartered these days. It’s only when you see the graffiti in the tower, written by prisoners who were later taken to what is now Smithfield market and slowly ripped apart for their beliefs that the reality of occupying the same physical space they once did but in a different and more moderate age, strikes you.


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