Somewhere in Today

It's getting late after a long day here in Kuwait and a dinner in the Kuwait Towers yet to come. I'm lost somewhere in the opulence of my suite here at the Kuwait Sheraton at the end of an impressively rapid broadband connection. It's twelve years since the Iraqi army ransacked the place and in two years, it's leapt from a relatively slow dial-up connection to Broadband at the end of a hose.

An interesting speech by Steve Ballmer this morning. He had obviously worked hard at trying to pronounce the Arabic name of the Prime Minister and apologised that Bill was busy somewhere else. Unfortunately Steve's efforts produced a kind of strangled splutter which detracted from his fine speech just a little.

In fact Ballmer's presentation which strongly stressed the importance of TWC and eGovernment, eased me nicely into my own, which warned the Arab countries that they needed to think seriously about their entire information security agenda, which many people here agreed, leaves rather more than a little to be desired. There's a great deal of focus on things 'e' and eDelivery in general but security is a little too far down the ladder of priorities for comfort and there's a real need for the kind of processes seen in BS/ISO 17799.


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