Something I Said

I’ve just discovered the real benefit of a 10Mb broadband from my hotel room. Music streams perfectly and Windows Media Player and the Pat Metheny Group are in their element. Think I’ll try Rick Braun next.

After a long evening spent smoking 'Shisha' pipes at the most exquisitely tasteful replica of a period Italian stately home on the outskirts of Kuwait city I staggered in relatively late. Today, it’s been a long day and its becoming progressively longer. A quick attempt to catch-up with my Hemingway novel in the bath before writing this entry and then running for the next official dinner.

So far, today, I’ve managed a flying visit to the Embassy, a meeting with the Council of Ministers and a great deal of email. Somewhere in the future, perhaps on the early morning flight back to Heathrow, I might even be able to write my Monday morning Computer Weekly column before tomorrow's Thursday evening deadline.

An hour ago, the UN asked me if I would like to visit Yemen in December. Something I said perhaps? Why Yemen? Why not, although Hawaii might be good too but then, I’m now labelled as an Arabist and fast running out of Middle-eastern states to visit on a bicycle or otherwise.

I’m still not sure if this journal is refreshing. Something strange is happening out in cyberspace, in that some sites are still stuck very firmly on Sunday night. I suspect a caching problem somewhere, so if you can read this, I can’t and I’m going to have to fly back to London to find out.


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